About Brushed Comfort

Mission Statement

Brushed Comfort is dedicated to contribute in helping people find peace of mind within a hectic life through a calming lifestyle.

Make Your Surroundings Peaceful

Find Peace of Mind Through a Calming Lifestyle


Brushed Comfort is a calming lifestyle brand, helping people find peace of mind within a hectic life.

Peace of Mind / Inner Peace

Peace of mind (inner peace) is a mental state of calmness, free of worry and anxiety from a hectic life. Some call it the antidote to counteract an overwhelming level of stress from an exhausting daily life. The solution to have the perfect happy life that we all deserve.

Beliefs from Ancient Eastern Cultures

In many ancient Eastern cultures, they had a strong belief that through a calming lifestyle and surroundings, one can truly improve their peace-of-mind status.

At Brushed Comfort, we take this theory further. We believe that through a calming lifestyle and surroundings, you can improve your peace-of-mind status, which will allow you to find the best version of yourself.

Products / Subjects

While our products and subjects are diverse, we focus on those that can fill your calming lifestyle gauge.

Sumi Ink

Sumi ink painting is closely related to a calming lifestyle in many ancient Eastern cultures. Clean and rustic sumi ink properties are directly linked to the Eastern way of simple life.

Sumi ink is described as an ancient ink able to illustrate a thousand different levels of shades that can last 1,000 years.

At Brushed Comfort, we make our own sumi ink the traditional way. Our sumi ink is made using a sumi ink stick made of ground charcoal powder.

Award-Winning Artist

All Brushed Comfort art is created with sumi ink by an award-winning artist from Asia, YouSun Jung.