YouSun Jung

Award-Winning Artist

Brushed Comfort art is painted by an award-winning artist from Asia, YouSun Jung. She is a well-recognized artist and has won numerous awards in the last two decades.

Many of her works are currently displayed at various government facilities, galleries, and in private collections.

Rough Childhood

Mike (owner of Brushed Comfort) describes her as one of the most driven individuals that he has ever met.

YouSun had an unusually difficult childhood. Her family was extremely poor. As the firstborn of five, she had to take care of younger sisters and a brother even before entering elementary school.

At the age of 9, to support her parents and younger siblings, she went around one farm to the other to make money. She mainly looked for cheap and tough jobs. At that time, there were no proper laws to protect children from various harsh conditions. Even if there were any, she had no choice but to find ways to make money for the family.

When she reached 12, she started working at a factory. Her job was wet-sanding components of full-scale vintage wooden clocks. She worked 12 hours per day in a warehouse without cooling or heating. During the wintertime, temperatures inside the warehouse dropped as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 Celsius). Wet-sanding in this harsh condition for 12 hours a day was beyond extreme.

When the time came for her to enter high school, she knew that it would be impossible for her parents to support her and her siblings. She decided not to enter high school and continued to earn money for her family instead.

During those years, she always dreamed of drawing, painting, and creating shapes and forms, as she had a love for art, in general. However, art was a luxury that she could not even imagine to afford.

Later Years

The fact that she didn’t get to go to high school like average kids stayed with her all her life. In her heart, she knew she could have done so much better than most.

In her 50s, YouSun decided to pursue her dream. She took the national exam to get a high school diploma. It took only two weeks for her to master this exam. She slept only two hours per day while preparing for this exam.

As soon as she got her high school diploma, she started preparing for her college application. After a while, her dream came true. She got accepted by one of the finest art colleges in her state, and, of course, she excelled in all courses. Competing with college students 30 years younger was not a problem. She graduated with an exceptional portfolio.  

Now, she is a master of sumi ink painting and a well-recognized, award-winning artist.

YouSun has a big heart. She is a person with overflowing positivity, and she is driven and passionate. Her artwork is painted with her passion and positive energy.